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Susan Frackelton



The following items were photographed from The State Historical Society of Wisconsin Collection. To view a better quality image (around 100k), click on the image.  You will need to use your browsers back button to return to this page.
Very small blue & white vase.  4-3/8"H x approx. 2-5/8"D - SHSW#1958-1315


Blue & white vase with applied poppies.  6-5/8"H x approx. 4-1/4"D - SHSW#1958-1317

Blue & white candlestick (1904).  7-1/4"H x  5-3/8"D - SHSW#1958-1316


Cream, blue & white candlestick. 10-1/4"H x 6-3/4"D - SHSW#1958-1312

Brown pot without lid (1893).  4-3/8"H x 5"D - SHSW#1958-1319


Blue & white vase. 17-1/2"H - SHSW#1958-1309

Brown pot with lid (1893).  5-3/8"H x 5-3/8"D - SHSW#1958-1318


Blue & white vase with incised flowers. 6-3/8"H x 5"D - SHSW#1958-1321

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