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WPA Press
The Newsletter Of The Wisconsin Pottery Association

Issue No. I - May 1999

A Message from President Jim....
Special Thanks
Membership Information Reminder

A Message from President Jim…. 

Welcome Wisconsin Pottery Association members to your first edition of the WPA Press! This WPA Newsletter hopes to keep our expanding membership informed of both current events and future attractions, as well as provide insightful feature articles on areas of interest to you the member. The newsletter will be published quarterly. The development of the WPA Newsletter comes close on the heels of our association's new web page. We are hoping that both will become effective communication tools for our membership, as well as an educational outreach for other pottery lovers and collectors that may have interest in our organization. Because this is a new venture, input from you the member is important. Tell us what you like, and what you might like to see in future issues so that the newsletter can be improved. (Educational features are currently in the works for the August issue.) My thanks to Barb Huhn, Kari Kenefick, and Tim Holthaus for getting this project off the ground. Happy reading everyone!

Special thanks to Richard Mohr and to Dave and Betty Knutzen! 

Richard gave an intriguing presentation on George Ohr pottery at the April WPA meeting. Betty and Dave gave a wonderful presentation on Fulper pottery and its later (and lesser?) incarnation as Stangl pottery at the May WPA meeting. Beautiful Fulper and Stangl pieces were provided by the Knutzens and other club members. 

Membership Information Reminder: 

Attached to each meeting agenda is an updated membership roster. Please let us know if you have an email address to add or if any changes should be made to your address. Membership Dues: Your membership renewal date is indicated on the roster handed out with each meeting agenda. When you renew your membership you are also welcome to prepay the monthly meeting fee of $1. If you wish to make a one time payment to cover annual dues and the monthly meeting fee, simply make your check out for this amount ($15 + $10 =) $25. If you have not prepaid the monthly fee, please remember to put $1 in the box each month, as you pick up your name tag. Thank you! See you on June 8th...

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