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WPA Press
The Newsletter Of The Wisconsin Pottery Association

Issue No. II  -  September 1999

Notes on the Annual Show and Sale

Featured WPA Member - Barbara Budig

Pottery News:  The Pauline Pottery

By the Way

A Note from the Editor 
Well, we finally have what some would say constitutes a newsletter for the WPA. Thanks for your patience during the first (one page) newsletter, and even yet while the editor learns how to be such. Much thanks to Nicol Knappen for his instructions and contributions, to Barbara Budig for being our first Featured Member, to Jim Riordan and Barb Huhn for their contributed pieces and help in making it to press, which would not have happened without Tim and Jim’s assistance, as always! Having said that bit about patience, I’d like to note that patience is usually, but not always a virtue. Often what happens is that in the crunch to finally get an item to press, things are overlooked. So as you read/review this issue and your brain is shrieking “Why didn’t they mention___” please write it down and bring it to my/our attention at the next meeting. Email myself (Kari) newsletter@wisconsinpottery.org or Barb Huhn or Jim Riordan. Tell us what that thing is that needs to make the next issue. I promise that content is far easier to alter further from than next to the Issue III deadline. Speaking of which, Issue III will be ready approximately January 2000. Contributions should please be to me by November 15.

We will continue to feature a club member or couple each issue. I also hope to feature a particular pottery each issue, hope to carry some news items and am waiting for further suggestions from you. Until next meeting, please wrap with care! Kari Kenefick – WPA Press

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