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Examples of the One Day Exhibit of Roseville Art Pottery 
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Roseville-experimental7.jpg (28398 bytes)The Wisteria line, produced in the 1930s, is highly valuable today. This 12 inch blue model could sell for $2,000 or more in mint condition. Roseville-experimental4.jpg (86420 bytes)The backside (with incised instructions for coloring) of the Freesia experimental (left) and the smaller Firethorn experimental. The latter was purchased at a Wisconsin flea market for $35 a few years ago, and its Baneda style glaze hints at a 1930s origin. The Freesia line was produced by Roseville in 1945; the Firethorn line was never produced
Roseville-experimental5.jpg (21760 bytes)An elegant, carved Della Robbia teapot, ca. 1906. Some collectors consider Della Robbia to be Roseville’s greatest line. Roseville-experimental10.jpg (42551 bytes)The backside (with incised instructions for coloring) of the Arrowhead experimental (left) and the smaller Firethorn experimental. Neither line was put into production.
Roseville-experimental1.jpg (34505 bytes)roseville-blackberry-back.jpg (87346 bytes)The Blackberry experimental. Roseville-experimental2.jpg (28232 bytes)A sleek Pine Cone "400 series" ewer from the late 1940s or early 1950s, and the smaller, older model designed in the 1930s.
Roseville-experimental3.jpg (40013 bytes)A "400 series" Pine Cone bud vase designed late in Roseville’s history on the left, and an older model bud vase, designed in the 1930s, but also in production in the early 1950s with a new "400 series" number. Roseville-experimental6.jpg (23790 bytes)Roseville Futura model #386-8, known as the Jukebox to collectors. Designed in the 1920s in the Art Deco style and colors of pink and gray.
Roseville-experimental8.jpg (17621 bytes)Two valuable Roseville vases from the 1920s which had paper stickers, and which may appear today with no mark. The smaller is from the Futura line and the larger is from the Imperial II line. Roseville-experimental9.jpg (23235 bytes)Coffeepot from the Mock Orange line, first produced in 1950, typical of Roseville’s late production style.

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