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Weller Pottery
Fultonham & Zanesville Ohio

As shown at the
2001 Wisconsin Pottery Association Show & Sale

weller-exhibit-longview-all.jpg (81569 bytes)
Over 300 examples of Weller were on display for the exhibit "Weller & Company".

The following pages show all of the Weller Pottery that was displayed for one day only on August 25, 2001.  If you would like to browse through the display line by line examples, click here.  If you'd like a little wider view of the display so you can see different examples from the same time frame, click here.  If you would like to read the handout that went with the exhibit, click here.
Chronological Order Alphabetical Order
Blended Ware Alvin
Louwelsa Ardsley
Turada Art Nouveau
Dickensware I Aurelian
Eocean Baldin
Aurelian Barcelona
Dickensware II Blended Ware
Sicard Blo Red
Souvenirs Blue Ware
Art Nouveau Bonito
Jap Birdimal Brighton
Rhead Faience Lion Charger Bronze Ware
Floretta Burnt Wood
Matt Ware Camelot
Experimental or Unique Trial Chase
Etched Floral Chengtu
Etna Claywood
Jewel Coppertone
Fru Russet Copra
Dresden Cornish
Delta Cretone
Souevo Dechiwo
Burnt Wood Dedonatis Ware
Dechiwo Delta
Claywood Dickensware I
Lebanon Dickensware II
Greenaways Dresden
Narona Elberta
Camelot Eocean
Zona Baby Ware Etched Floral
Zona Utility Ware Etna
Roma Experimental or Unique Trial - 1920's
Morocco Experimental or Unique Trials - 1930's
Muskota Experimental or Unique Trials - 1940's
Marbleized Flemish
Brighton Floral
Rosemont I Floretta
Hudson Forest
Woodcraft Frosted Matt
Flemish Fru Russet
Baldin Garden Ware Figurine
Blue Ware Geode
Forest Glendale
Kenova Greenaways
Frosted Matt Hobart
Orris Hudson
LaSa Jap Birdimal
Chengtu Jewel
Copra Kenova
Bronze Ware LaSa
Parian Lebanon
Alvin Lido
Garden Ware Figurine Louwelsa
Bonito Manhattan
Barcelona Marbleized
Hobart Matt Ware
Ardsley Morocco
Silvertone Muskota
Glendale Narona
Coppertone Orris
Sabrinian Paragon
Sydonia Parian
Turkis Pastel
Chase Ragenda
Rosemont II Rhead Faience Lion Charger
Dedonatis Ware Roma
Wood Rose Rosemont I
Utility Pumpkin Teapot Rosemont II
Elberta Rudlor
Manhattan Sabrinian
Lido Sicard
Weller Art Tile Silvertone
Cornish Softone
Experimental or Unique Trials Souevo
Cretone Souvenirs
Geode Sydonia
Blo Red Turada
Pastel Turkis
Wild Rose Utility Pumpkin Teapot
Floral Weller Art Tile
Rudlor Wild Rose
Ragenda Wood Rose
Softone Woodcraft
Experimental or Unique Trials Zona Baby Ware
Paragon Zona Utility Ware

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